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How do I fill out my timesheets?

The website for Proven’s timekeeping portal is You should receive an email with your login information from the payroll department when you start. If you do not receive this information, please contact Proven’s payroll administrator. Once logged in, you will find ‘Timesheet Details’ with the specific day of the week, the date, and fields for entering hours. You may choose to save your work throughout the week as you are encouraged to enter your time daily. And the end of the week you should click ‘Submit Timesheet’ for your manager to approve.

I made a mistake on my timesheet. How do I fix it?

Timesheets are editable until they’re submitted. If you need to make a modification after submission, please contact our payroll administrator.

Who should I call if I need to take a sick day?

Consultants are required to provide an oral or written request for paid sick days with their Proven representative and their client supervisor, with reasonable advanced notice or as soon as practicable.

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