Android Platform Engineer

San Diego, California


We are seeking Android Platform Engineers in San Diego! You will work on system power and thermal issues across the software stack for new AR/VR products. You should be familiar with Android AOSP and Android board bring up (v10+ preferred). In this role you will work with firmware engineers to optimize battery for power and thermal constraints in Android/Linux kernel and a Qualcomm based MCU. You will develop and tune system level code, and be responsible for the Android HAL/HIDL, SE Linux policies, Android Power Management, Android thermal management, battery charging, and Native C/C++ services inter process communication (Android binder). 

  • 5+ years of programming experience in C/C++ and Java
  • 5+ years of experience in embedded Linux or Android (AOSP)

  • Extensive experience with system analysis for embedded systems

  • Experience with Android SDK, NDK, JNI and IPC mechanisms

  • Experience with Android performance tools and security models

  • Experience with system resource optimization on mobile platforms

  • Knowledge of Android Camera2 APIs

  • Knowledge of Android and Linux in the areas of battery and power management

  • Strong documentation and writing skills


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