Prototype Assembler

Tempe, Arizona


As an Assembly Associate you will successfully complete assembly of electronic devices.  You will perform manual soldering of surface mount and through-hole components.  You will be responsible for applying adhesives and other materials to printed circuit boards.  You will complete assembly of modules consisting of printed wiring boards, chassis, housings, wires, and hardware.  You will do manual placement of die onto packages as well as wire bonding die to package.  You will also be responsible for mixing of various materials for use on printed circuit boards.  You will have familiarity with ovens, hot plates, hot air pencil, etc.

  • 4+ years of related experience in electronics assembly.
  • Experience performing manual soldering and assembly of electronic devices.
  • Excellent hand soldering skills. Fine pitch soldering required.
  • Experience working in an engineering prototype environment.
  • Excellent computer skills.
  • Excellent mechanical assembly skills.
  • Ability to work on assemblies while looking through a microscope for 8 hours per day.


US Citizenship Required


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