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  1. Hi Ron,

    We met when I took your Elementary Accounting I course in the summer of 2017. I have a friend with a small training & fitness busines. His business is now growing to the point that he needs to set up a an accounting system that is more accurate and better structured than the one he has. He is using Quickbooks knowing precious little about the rules and requirements for accounting and bookkeeping. So, the current accounting system needs to be revised. As step one he needs to start a new in Quickbooks. He needs to be advised on what to include in the new chart of accounts and how to structure the chart of accounts and make proper transaction entries to get accurate income statements, balance sheets, & cash flow statements.

    I think all this guy needs for now is a one hour to two hour sit down session with Quickbooks proficient account to properly se up the chart of accounts and begin making accurate & proper entries. A couple of weeks later he will need some help with how Quickbooks handles adjusting entires and closings. Do you know of any Quickbooks-proficient accountants for small businesses in the UTC area that he might contact?


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