Kaysha Nguyen
Finance & Accounting Recruiter
San Diego

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Get to know Kaysha:

What’s one thing you absolutely want to do before you die?
I want to shake hands with the Pope! I just think he is a completely down to earth person and very humble. His global perspective on all issues in the world and how he interacts with everyone he meets despite differing religious views is why I really admire him.

Describe one of the most meaningful experiences in your life.
When I was about 10 years old, my family collected lightly used/new shoes from our school, neighborhood, businesses, etc. to bring over to kids in Vietnam. We went to orphanages, neighborhoods, and villages to physically put them on children’s feet ourselves instead of handing them over. It was really meaningful to see their faces light up because of something that I take for granted every day.

If you could pick up a new skill in an instant, what would it be?
Playing the guitar or some kind of instrument really well!

What do you want to be remembered for?
I want to be remembered for not what I actually accomplish or do in life, but who I am as a person and what kind of impact I have on other people’s lives.