Maria Failla
Technical Recruiter
San Diego

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Get to know Maria:

If you had one extra hour of free time a day, how would you use it?

I would spend my time baking – it’s one of my favorite activities but I never seem to find enough time in the day (not to mention the fact that I would eat everything I’d bake!). In my ideal world – where I had limitless time! – I’d create an organization that would donate homemade cookies, cupcakes, cakes etc. to families that can’t splurge on custom baked goods, especially over the holidays. It’s amazing that something as simple as gifting a box of cookies can truly turn around a person’s day and bring a smile to their face.

Describe one of the most meaningful experiences in your life.

Undoubtedly moving from New York to San Diego at the age of 24, a choice I made in the span of 2 weeks that changed the course of my future. With only one family member in San Diego, I was pushed to really step out of my comfort zone, make new friends, and create a life for myself in a completely different city. Without this experience, I’d be a much less flexible and adaptable person.

If you have the opportunity to try something different or move somewhere new, take the chance! You’ll be surprised of what you’re capable of. Today I’ve learned to love San Diego just as much as did NY, and even though I will always have a piece of NY in my heart, I know that San Diego is where I am meant to be.