People & Culture Program

We all have a story of adversity

Be it moving to America without friends or language, returning to work as a new mother, or struggling to find a welcoming community in a foreign land. Our people are:

– 75% women

– 35% minorities

– Speak 20+ languages

83% of our elite performers, managers, and directors are women and/or minorities, so we know from experience that a diverse team is more profitable, creative, and fun.

Proven Recruiting About D&I

Advancing our community

We support and promote people of all backgrounds, from race, religion and gender to geographical area, university, lifestyle and personality type – and we actively assist our client companies in doing the same. With our help, a Fortune 100 company increased their Software Engineering team’s diversity from 11% to 24% over an 8-month period.

From large-scale community events (think panels, Meetups, sponsorships) to one-on-one mentorship programs and workshops, we’re devoted to finding smart solutions for companies large and small to promote diversity in the workplace and beyond.


We’re constantly on the search for people who don’t just “fit” our culture, but those who add to it – the people who will push us to be better tomorrow than we are today. Sound like you? Just know that by joining our team, you’re agreeing to years of happy hours, game nights, holiday parties, and incentive trips. 



It’s our job to find you the best possible professionals to advance the goals of your team. Part of that means bringing diverse people to the table with a multitude of skills, backgrounds, experiences, and perspectives. The research is clear; the more diverse your team, the more creative, successful, and lucrative it’ll be.