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Easy hiring plan, step-by-step

In our experience, the biggest challenge to hiring is exposure – only a very limited number of people will see your job posting, all of whom are actively looking for their next role. To expand your search and engage the right people, you’ll want to leverage the tools and relationships we’ve built over years in the industry. We’ll also remove the burden of sorting through resumes, conducting preliminary interviews, doing reference checks, and running background checks.   

This process aims to help you quickly and painlessly add the right people to your team. Here’s how this whole thing works, should you choose to work with us:


We’ll determine together what makes the best candidate profile

Is your team growing, or else do you need to replace a recent departure – temporarily or permanently? Fill out our simple Contact Form and we’ll get back to you within 48 hours to quickly outline the job functions, learn about the way your team operates, and zero-in on your ideal person. Getting these questions out of the way on the front-end means we won’t waste your time when it comes to resumes or interviews.


Review a selection of 2-3 professionals

Bombarding you with 10 resumes isn’t good for anyone. We’ll always restrict the number of profiles to the 2-3 people who best match what you’re looking for, having vetted them in advance and spoken to them via virtual meeting or in person.

Since we’ve worked with thousands of finance, accounting, technology, and recruiting professionals, we can spot a winning profile from a mile away. When you say you’re looking for a one-in-a-million Financial Analyst or iOS Developer, you can trust us to determine exactly which attributes are essential to that successful hire – and which attributes don’t frankly make a difference.


Interview the best candidates (or skip this step entirely!)

Before bringing anyone in, check out this list of best interview questions and techniques to get the most out of your discussion. We’ll also help warm the candidate to your company and fill in any gaps.  

You can skip this step entirely by opting for a working interview, which allows you to monitor how the person performs when faced with real-time scenarios over the course of a 4-8 hour work day.


It’s time to hire (or not)

After the interview process has run its course, we’ll work with you to determine which candidate is best suited for your team. If no one feels right, we’ll recalibrate our search and send over a new selection of professionals based on your feedback. 


We’ll help consult on salary, benefits, market trends

From the beginning, we’ll work with you to review how your budget and benefits compare to the wider market. If you’re offering a salary range significantly below your competitors, we’ll let you know immediately. Sometimes these discussions result in considering a candidate from a different background, or interviewing someone a bit greener, or possibly increasing your salary range to better compete with other companies. 


We guarantee every hire for 90 days

We work in the world of humans, so there can be a lot of moving parts and everything doesn’t always run perfectly smooth. To ease your anxiety, we offer a 90-day prorated guarantee for all permanent hires and contract hires can be ended at any time of your choosing. 

As for pricing, we believe in total transparency; the more you know, the better a decision you can make for your company and your team. Here’s a guide for how our fees are determined, and you can always fill out this form for a custom quote.

Still not sure? We’re not perfect, but we do try to do our best every day with each person we work with. We’d love If you checked our work; click to read our Google Reviews.

6 pieces of hiring wisdom

There are a lot of great things about the hiring process as it stands today, and just as many things that could use improvement. With 20+ years of recruiting experience, we’ve walked hiring managers through thousands of interviews, negotiations, and on-boardings. We’ve seen which hiring tactics work best, and which cause unnecessary stress or, worse yet, drive talented professionals away entirely. Here are our top takeaways from those thousands of experiences:


Consider your best hire ever

What made them so great? Was it their technical proficiency? The speed at which they turned around projects? Their conflict-resolution skills?

Honestly, it’s probably none of the above. Very often when you consider your top performer, it comes down to personality, culture fit, and dedication. Of course a technical job requires technical skills – but those skills aren’t what’s going to set one worker apart from the rest. 

Take a few days to reflect on what your top performer looked like on day one. They likely required training, mentorship, and time to develop into the powerhouse they are today. When searching for your next star, look for those same traits that defined your top performers of the past.  


Know your market – salary, benefits, etc.

Knowledge is power when it comes to most things in life, and hiring is no different. The more you know about what attracts talented professionals – salary, benefits, work life balance, remote options, etc. – the more you’ll be able to appeal to their pain points.  Do your research and speak with experts (hello!) when necessary.


Figure out what makes YOU special

Take stock of what you have to offer – as a manager, as a team, as a company. Why would this candidate, who may have multiple offers from your competitors, want to accept yours above all others? We’ve seen countless offers fall through at the last stage because the company and/or the hiring manager was unable to articulate their own value.


Design vague but engaging job posts

Failing to spark someone’s interest in the span of a few short seconds can mean a perfectly qualified professional will skip your job and apply for another.

Writing fun, smart, incisive job posts needs to be part of your hiring process. If you do nothing else, do these three things: keep your title short and simple; don’t include too many requirements, as these tend to exclude women more than men; and create a compelling call to action which you can append to all job posts. For sample before/after job posts, click here.


Try these questions in your interviews

Not all questions are made equal, and in fact some of the ‘common sense’ best questions are pretty useless in determining the relative merits of two candidates. We find that the type of questions that works best are narrative-style prompts, which allow the candidate to work their way through a response in real time. These questions should be tailored to actually reflect what you want – be that specific skill sets, personality quirks, or both.

We’ve heard every interview question imaginable – from the insightful to the cringe-worthy. Here’s a list of our top questions to hire stars.


Don’t (always) trust your gut

You may think you know exactly what the perfect candidate looks and sounds like, what experience they have or schools they attended. And you may very well be right! Certainly, if that perfect candidate existed, they would be an excellent addition to your team.

The thing is, that candidate will likely not be available – may not even exist. If you allow “the ideal” to cloud your judgment, you’ll miss out on great people who may be exactly what your team needs.

If you take nothing else away from these tips, take this – most candidates are just trying their best to support their families and develop their skills. They’re nervous, hopeful, and likely not presenting at their absolute best. If you show them kindness and patience, they’ll be much more likely to perform at their best throughout the interviews.

One way to do this is to detail the entire hiring process before every on-site interview. The more information you can provide – a detailed schedule, names of interviewers, break times, etc. – the more comfortable your candidate will be, and the more appreciative they’ll feel of your time and interest.

Hiring & on-boarding temporary workers

Using consultants as seasonal workers or parental leave replacements is one thing. Having them lead an entirely new project or design an original system is another. In reality, a consultant can be whatever you need them to be; the limits of their responsibilities, the degree to which they’re integrated in to your team, the possibility of hiring them permanently – this is all in your hands. 

What we are here to do is facilitate the hiring process to make it as simple and quick as possible. Our pipelines are already full of qualified, talented professionals looking to get to work on your project or fill in for a sick employee.

Most common
consulting positions:


  • Development: Backend, Frontend, Fullstack, Mobile, QA
  • Infrastructure: Network, System, DevOps, Security
  • Program & Project Management
  • Support: Desktop, Help Desk, Support

Finance & Accounting

  • G/L Accounting: Staff, Senior, Manager
  • Technical Accounting: SEC, Revenue Recognition
  • Clerical Accounting: AP, AR, Payroll
  • Seasonal Consulting: Audit & Tax

Off-load busy work and reduce costs

  • We handle on-boarding, from running the background check to ensuring a drug screen is completed before the start date.
  • For reference checks, we’ll make all the calls and gather all the information so you can make a quick and accurate assessment.
  • We provide all benefits including medical, dental, vision, 401k, and workers compensation insurance. This saves your company money.
  • Upon request, we offer basic skills testing for Microsoft Office skills, typing tests, standard Finance & Accounting knowledge, and/or Python coding skills.

Don’t waste extra time interviewing

  • Try a working interview – monitor how the candidate performs when faced with real-time scenarios over the course of a 4-8 hour working interview. If you like what you see, great. If not, we’ll send them home and won’t charge you for the time worked.
  • Even faster, skip the interview entirely. If you’re in a crunch and need someone working today, we can arrange for a qualified professional to arrive right away.
  • Either way, this is a fast and easy process: most entry-level contract hires are brought on in as little as 1-3 days.


While you or your HR team have the capacity to review maybe 10-20 candidates, we have already built relationships with thousands of professionals in your area. That means we can compare and contrast even subtle differences in backgrounds to quickly distinguish between a great fit and a costly mistake.

Hiring the best professionals also means bringing diverse people to the table with a multitude of skills, backgrounds, experiences, and perspectives. The research is clear; the more diverse your team, the more creative, successful, and lucrative it’ll be. We’re proud to be a majority women, minority-owned company speaking over 20 languages. Let us help you build a diverse and successful team, too.