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Find your dream job, step-by-step

Changing jobs isn’t always easy, and we’re not going to tell you that it’ll be a completely painless process. Yet doing something you love, surrounded by people who appreciate your work, is ALWAYS worth the effort. Plus working with a good recruiter means you’ll have a guide throughout the process and an edge over the competition.

If you message us, we’ll work to respond within 24-48 hours whether you email, call, or text. We’ll then let you know if we have a job for you. If not, we’ll point you in the right direction and offer additional resources. Here’s how this whole thing works, should you choose to partner with us:


Are you in Finance, Accounting, Technology, Life Sciences, or Recruiting?

Yes? – Perfect!
Our experienced CPAs, MBAs, programmers, and scientists are looking forward to helping you advance your career, whatever that may mean for you. Skip to #2.

No? – No problem.
While we may not be the perfect fit for your job search, we’d still love to share the benefit of our market knowledge and years of experience. We offer a variety of free resources and additional services.


Browse our open jobs here

Take a look and see if anything piques your interest. If nothing speaks to you, or if you aren’t exactly sure what you want, you can always upload your resume or ask us a question through our Contact Form and a recruiter (a real human being!) will reach out to you directly.


Let’s talk, or meet, or Skype, or Facetime

What are you looking for at this stage in your career? If we’re to help you find a job that’ll check all your boxes – flexibility, compensation, value, challenge, growth – we’ll need to hone in on what gets you excited. After a brief discussion, we’ll work together to find you the right opportunity, whether that’s the job you originally applied for or a different role that may make more sense.


Go forth and interview

We’ll schedule the meetings, help prepare you in advance, provide specific information about the hiring manager, and coach you through any concerns. And if it’s a contract job, you may even be able to start working without going through the traditional drawn-out interview process.

Following every interview we’ll always share the hiring manager’s honest feedback. Then we’ll work together to plan your next steps.


Don’t worry about negotiations

We remove negotiating from the equation entirely. Here’s how it typically works; you tell us your expectations and we offer intelligence based on market trends in your industry and our knowledge of the company’s hiring budget. We’ll discuss everything from compensation and bonus to flex time, 401k, health coverage, etc.


Get to (meaningful) work

Our goal isn’t simply to get you a job. What we want for you is a job that elevates your life. By the end of this simple process you’ll be working with an innovative team and a friendly manager who value your contributions and match your dedication.

Don’t believe us? We’re not perfect, but we do try to do our best every day with each person we work with. We’d love If you checked our work; click to read our Google Reviews.

The 6 essentials to a professional resume

With 20+ years of recruiting experience, we’ve seen our fair share of resumes: the good, the bad, and the illegible. Follow these 5 simple tips – taken directly from our Resume Workshops – and start attracting the attention you’re looking for.


Quantify, Quantify, Quantify

Working as an Accountant? List the number of audits you’ve completed, accounts you’ve worked on, or average bill rate. Get creative: the ways in which you can quantify your work are essentially endless. We suggest a combination of generally informative and slightly startling numbers – you want to grab your reader’s attention and keep it!


No one cares about “responsibilities”

Erase the word “responsible” from your resume vernacular. Instead, structure your experience in terms of quantifiable developments and achievements. Ex: being “responsible” for weekly email updates sounds a lot less impressive than “accrued a following of over 10,000 dedicated newsletter-readers and increased page views 10% through weekly email-updates.”


LinkedIn is king

The relationship between your resume and LinkedIn should be symbiotic. While they don’t need to be kept identical, they should mirror each other closely. Link your LinkedIn URL directly on your resume; it’s a digital world and your address is no longer only at home – it’s on the web.


Edit mercilessly

Sometimes large sections of your resume will need to be cut because they offer no real benefit to this specific employer. Other times, elements which you’ve omitted – your work at a humanitarian cause, for example – may need to be added if relevant to the job. Don’t get emotionally attached to your resume; it’s a living document and it should change as you and your goals evolve.


Formatting matters

Resumes submitted online are usually processed through an ATS, which is a system that reads and sorts your information. If you’re using fancy, complex formatting, your resume may not be properly logged. Keep it simple and avoid adding your personal information (name, LinkedIn, email) to the header or footer of your document – those sections are often mis-processed by an ATS. And always save as a PDF!


Proofread ad nauseam & showcase your writing

Having a well-written resume is often equated with having a well-organized mind. Take advantage of this bias. Read your resume over every time you change a sentence – adding a single word can sometimes cause a chain reaction of nonsense. When you think you’re finished, read it out loud. Passed that test? Send it to your mom. Make it a family event.

If you’d like more involved advice or if you’re still struggling with unanswered questions, join our weekly Jobpod – a live webinar hosted every Thursday by our Co-Founders Ingram Losner & Louis Song. Each week they’ll share insights from hiring experts covering a variety of topics, from personal branding and reformatting your resume to general market insights. It’s free – come say hi and check it out!

Find contract work, build your career

Years ago a woman came to us looking for work. We helped her find a one-day contract (yes, literally one day, filling in for someone out sick) working as an Accounting Clerk at a company she loved. She spent the next two years extending that contract. 10+ years later she’s still working at that same company, now as the Executive Director of Finance.

Here’s something you only learn as a recruiter; consulting is the fastest path to full-time employment. And it’s not only for entry level professionals; we work with Accounting Managers, Senior Developers, Tax Consultants, Software Engineers, and others.

Most common
consulting positions:


  • Development: Backend, Frontend, Fullstack, Mobile, QA
  • Infrastructure: Network, System, DevOps, Security
  • Program & Project Management
  • Support: Desktop, Help Desk, Support

Finance & Accounting

  • G/L Accounting: Staff, Senior, Manager
  • Technical Accounting: SEC, Revenue Recognition
  • Clerical Accounting: AP, AR, Payroll
  • Seasonal Accounting: Audit & Tax

Grow, Experiment, Earn

  • See a project through from start to finish. Use your technical skills to drive an implementation or project to completion
  • Get hired at big companies. Many companies – Toyota, for example – make every. single. employee. sign a one-year control to start. After that, assuming all goes well, you’re transitioned to a full-time position. That’s just the way it is at some companies.
  • About that…17% of our contract workers are hired by their employer as full-time employees.

Stability (who would have guessed?!)

  • Low risk, high reward. If you’re working with us, we’ll set you up with your next position before the current one ends. You’ll technically be a Proven Recruiting employee the whole time.
  • Benefits! Since you’ll be working for Proven Recruiting, you’ll enjoy all the same benefits as our internal staff. That means health and dental, 401k if applicable, etc.
  • Get working quickly. While full-time jobs can require weeks or months of interviews, contract positions can have you working in less than a week.


Ready to see what’s out there? Tens of thousands of companies are desperate to hire across the nation. You just need to get your resume to the top of the pile. We’ll help you find the right role at the right company (with the right manager!), coach you through the interview process, and aid in negotiating your compensation.



If you’re still in the “should I/shouldn’t I” stage, don’t worry. Take time to reflect. Changing jobs isn’t a decision anyone makes lightly. In the meantime, why don’t you browse through our articles or reach out for guidance? We’re happy to provide information on possible career paths and compensation brackets.