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2021-07-23 by Michelle Pencer

Why are CEOs obsessed with getting us back in the office?

Every day I wake to a new article about returning to the office.  They describe worker anxiety, company… Read More

2021-04-30 by Michelle Pencer

Why you will choose the wrong job

Big life decisions often make us feel powerless. Not because we don’t have the power of choice –… Read More

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2021-02-11 by Michelle Pencer

DE&I Toolkit

DE&I Toolkit-min

2021-01-26 by Michelle Pencer

Your future is not inevitable 

…And it has never been. You may have thought you were following a specific course – adhered to… Read More

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2021-01-19 by Michelle Pencer

2021 Hiring Guide

2021 Hiring Guide-min

2020-10-30 by Michelle Pencer

How much should you pay remote workers?

Two employees are doing the same job for the same company – should they be paid differently based… Read More

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2020-09-10 by Michelle Pencer

Survey – Internal Diversity & Emotional Wellbeing

Survey – Internal Diversity and Emotional Wellbeing-min

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2020-07-23 by Michelle Pencer

Covid Community Survey – Findings & Results

Covid Survey – Findings & Analysis

2020-05-08 by Michelle Pencer

The Meeting Pandemic

Something has been happening over the course of the past few weeks, and it has nothing to do… Read More