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Here are a few answers to the questions we're most commonly asked.

Hiring Managers / HR

I need to hire for a role starting yesterday. How fast can you get me someone?

The process starts as soon as you submit your job online. We have a large pool of pre-screened, immediately available candidates ready for review. Tell us your requirements, salary and benefits, and any other important details you’d like to include. We’ll quickly match you with the most relevant recruiter.

What type of candidates can Proven Recruiting provide for my company?

We specialize in placing Technology, Finance and Accounting professionals in Direct Hire and Contract roles.

Does that mean I have to be a Technology or Finance and Accounting business to benefit from your services?

No, we are industry agnostic. We place candidates in a wide variety of companies, from media and entertainment, to consumer retail, to automotive and telecommunications. As long as you have a need for Technology, Finance and Accounting professionals, we can help.

How is Proven Recruiting different from other staffing firms?

We’re SD’s most loved recruiting firm for a reason: we take the time to understand your needs before delivering talented, relevant candidates with efficiency and professionalism. Working with us, you can be assured of complete transparency, a continued stream of communication, and relevant feedback.

Do your candidates come with any kind of guarantee?

If you decide to hire one of our candidates, we’ll facilitate the job offer and guarantee their first 90 days.

Got any more questions?

Email us at or call us directly at (858) 412 1116.

Job Seekers

How much will it cost for me to work with Proven Recruiting?

Nothing - we collect our fees from client companies, not from candidates. Importantly, the fee we get from clients in no way diminishes or affects your salary.

I've been getting a lot of interviews but no offers - can you help?

We offer Career Development Coaching and Resume Writing sessions on the last Tuesday of every month. Our CEO, who leads these sessions, discusses in-depth all details of the interview process. Learn more and sign up here.

Do you offer paid resume services?

No, but as mentioned, we have a monthly workshop which covers in detail the hiring process and provides the tools you’ll need to improve and refine your resume-writing skills.

I'm moving to SD/LA in the next few months, can you help with the transition and find me a job?

If you send your information - including a resume, the type of work you’re looking for, when you’ll be able to start, etc. - to, we’d be happy to help out.

I'm still employed at my current job; can I be assured of your discretion during my job search?

We pride ourselves on our ability to maintain the trust and respect of the people we work with. Discretion is always paramount for us, and we have put the necessary systems in place to ensure your privacy.

How is Proven Recruiting different from other recruiting firms?

We never try to fit someone into a role that isn’t meant for them; we’re all about getting to know you, identifying your career goals, and making a match that will allow you to succeed. From your first call or email, we carefully guide you through the process of finding a job by providing the support and tools - from intensive interview preparation to on-site meetings - necessary to accomplish your goals. But don’t just take our word for it, check out our reviews on Yelp!

Where do I submit my resume?

Right here! You can also email us at or call directly: (858) 412 1116.


How do I fill out my timesheets?

The website for Proven’s timekeeping portal is You should receive an email with your login information from the payroll department when you start. If you do not receive this information, please contact Proven’s payroll administrator. Once logged in, you will find ‘Timesheet Details’ with the specific day of the week, the date, and fields for entering hours. You may choose to save your work throughout the week as you are encouraged to enter your time daily. And the end of the week you should click ‘Submit Timesheet’ for your manager to approve.

I made a mistake on my timesheet. How do I fix it?

Timesheets are editable until they’re submitted. If you need to make a modification after submission, please contact our payroll administrator.

Who should I call if I need to take a sick day?

Consultants are required to provide an oral or written request for paid sick days with their Proven representative and their client supervisor, with reasonable advanced notice or as soon as practicable.

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