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2021-05-19 by proven

Quiz: Asian American Edition!

Put your knowledge to the test! Plus hopefully learn something new, or at least get inspired to try… Read More

2020-02-14 by kellyzastrow

How I hit a record performance in my first year as a working mom

My colleagues and friends will tell you that compromise has never been my strong suit; I’ve always believed… Read More

2019-10-11 by proven

How-to guide: writing engaging job posts

Failing to spark someone’s interest in the span of a few short seconds can mean a perfectly qualified… Read More

2019-09-13 by proven

5 proven ways to increase diversity hiring

Hiring for diversity doesn’t happen by accident. Left to their own devices, most companies will simply replicate their… Read More

2019-07-18 by PaulG

Changing careers later in life (from someone who did it)

Unless you’ve made your way to the C-suite, you’re unlikely to find many articles addressing the successes, struggles,… Read More

2019-03-29 by LouisS

The death of the pre-employment marijuana test

While drug tests may have, at some point, served as a litmus test for which people are dedicated,… Read More

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2019-01-21 by proven

San Diego’s Diversity and Inclusion Workforce Report

D&I Whitepaper – Proven Recruiting 2018

2018-12-20 by proven

We tried the gender decoder, and the results surprised us.

On the surface, the Gender Decoder seems like an invaluable tool. It helps pinpoint hard-to-identify gendered terms and… Read More

2018-11-05 by ilosner

The Politics of Talking Politics in the Office

Despite the political climate in which we’re currently enmeshed, talking politics in the office is still inexplicably taboo.… Read More