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2018-08-09 by proven

California’s cannabis industry has a job for you

…And it’s not in growing, trimming, or testing. Cannabis is nothing new to Californians – though recreational marijuana… Read More

2018-06-08 by proven

Your guide to landing a job in cybersecurity

Tired of hearing news of the latest cyber attack? It seems a day doesn’t go by that some… Read More

2018-05-09 by proven

10 SD companies hiring early career professionals in tech

Did you know? America’s Finest City is home to 400 new startups every year. Add that to the… Read More

2018-02-16 by proven

This is how you land a job in cryptocurrency

Cryptocurrency: the latest way to make a quick buck – right? Just buy Bitcoin or Ethereum or whatever’s… Read More

2017-11-08 by proven

The Reality of #DiversityinTech (and How We’re Helping)

Since 1994, the number of women in computer science jobs has dropped from 37% to 24%. The news… Read More

Journey to the Startup Nation with Ingram Losner
2015-05-20 by proven

PROVEN’s Israel Connection: Ingram Losner’s Inspiring Journey

Last month, PROVEN’s Co-Founder, Ingram Losner, journeyed to Israel to meet with local tech executives and startup founders… Read More

2015-03-02 by proven

Hot Staffing Trends to Watch in 2015

Excerpt from Staffing Industry Review: Jan/Feb 2015, featuring comments from Ingram Losner. Click to view full article here: Not yet… Read More

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2014-09-15 by proven

The Non-Tech Person’s Guide to Landing a Tech Job in 5 Steps

Unless you’ve been working at the DMV for the last decade, you’ve probably noticed that technology is changing… Read More

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2014-07-17 by proven

PROVEN Ranked 6th Fastest-Growing Staffing Firm in the U.S.

The 2014 List of Fastest Growing U.S. Staffing & Talent Engagement Firms just came out and guess who… Read More