4 ways your company can get more from your recruiter, build better relationships, and save money

2018-07-11 | BY Proven Recruiting's Editorial Team | IN Hiring, Recruiting

4 ways your company can get more from your recruiter, build better relationships, and save money

Recruiters don’t often come with a user manual or best practices guide for taking full advantage of the resources we offer. And because of this, many hiring managers, companies, and recruiters end up feeling less than satisfied.

From mismatched ‘culture fit,’ to candidates ghosting on interviews, companies are left wondering what went wrong. Where is the process falling apart?

During my 10+ years in this business working directly with executives and hiring managers, I’ve witnessed the collapse of countless candidate-company and company-recruiter relationships. And each time, the issue usually comes down to one key thing: PARTNERSHIP.

Want to hire better workers? Here’s everything you need to know to get the most out of your recruiter – and stop wasting money on ill-fitting candidates.

1. Find a Partner, not an agency.

Consider the following scenarios:

A: Company hires a recruiting firm, sends them a description of their role, and waits for applicants. Little to no communication takes place following this interaction until candidates are sent over for review.

B: Company partners with a recruiting firm, lays out their goals, mission, and culture, and entrusts the recruiter with finding a well-matched candidate. Recruiter and hiring manager are in regular contact, exchanging comments after interviews (from both sides), and working together to find the best professional for the role. After the placement is made, recruiter remains a resource for the company.

Which situation will result in a better match? It’s not rocket science – consider recruiters as your agency, and your relationship will extend only so far. Consider them as your partner, and you’ll build a long-lasting, tried-and-true professional relationship.

Recruiters are humans, and the faster you realize this fact, the better the relationship. Offering constructive criticism, getting to know us, and praising a job well done will make us 10x more likely to fight for your company or put extra hours in to filling your job order. Remember: it’s not all about the money – it’s about the human connection.

2. Put it all on the table.

The more information we have, the better we can represent you to candidates and, more importantly, the better we can screen for the right candidates for your specific needs.

You know how it goes: a person may fulfill all of the on-paper qualifications, but still be a bad fit. Meeting with you in person, seeing the way your employees work, the kind of hours they keep and the priorities they have, will help us tremendously when matching your company with a skilled professional.

Likewise, you may fall in love with a candidate – they’re perfect in every way! – but because we couldn’t sell them on your awesome perks and culture, they’ve decided to find employment elsewhere.

This second scenario is becoming increasingly prevalent; with unemployment at a 17-year low, candidates are free to shop around for the best offer they can find. The Bureau of Labor Statistics is reporting that people are quitting their jobs at the highest rate since the Internet boom nearly two decades ago. In April alone, 3.4 million people willingly left their jobs.

If you’re not sharing with us what makes your company fun or unique, then your candidates are will likely look elsewhere.

3. Prioritize the candidate. We’ll show you how.

Remember when you were declining top candidates left and right? Those times are behind you, and while another recession is likely looming, it’s not here yet – so you’ll need to adapt.

We understand – there was once a time when candidates were lined up to work with us, too. Now, the current market necessitates that we check in with professionals every few days just to hold their interest. As the war for talent surges – and the skills gap continues to widen – professionals are finding it easier than ever to land a job.

It’s a scary world if you’re an employer – but recruiters can offer much-needed support. Use us to better understand your candidates, to communicate your interest, and to decipher their needs. We work with people over the span of months to hone in on their professional aspirations and life goals, giving us intimate knowledge of our candidates.

Many employees at Proven Recruiting have gone so far as to help professionals move from out of state, find them an apartment, and set them up with friends. It’s these kinds of relationships that you want to tap into – and we’re more than willing to help.

It comes down to two simple things:

– Be welcoming

– Tell candidates – or have us tell them – how you feel

People want to be wanted. It’s as simple as that. If you’re positive, warm, and welcoming, candidates will feel more engaged with and committed to your company. If, in addition, you express clearly and immediately that you really like them for the position, they’ll have a hard time looking elsewhere.

4. Use your recruiter’s market knowledge.

From the moment a professional is submitted for a position, we’re tracking the process – and we’re paying special attention to how the candidate perceives their experience.

Next time you work with a recruiter, put aside time to discuss the market and how your hiring needs fit into the broader picture. We’re immersed in this stuff all day; let us share our knowledge with you.

Recruiters should function as an extension of your company. We’re your eyes on the outside, your ear to the ground, tracking and pipelining talent to make YOUR company a better and more successful business. Make sure you’re taking advantage of this.

The best recruiter relationships don’t end at the job order; the more we come to rely on one another, the better it is for both of us. Want to hire smarter? Shoot me an email at phooshim@provenrecruiting.com to chat.

About the author:

Poya Hooshim
Senior Managing Partner, Proven Recruiting

Poya has been an integral part of the Proven Recruiting team for the past 8 years, leading our expansion to the LA market and managing an office of 10 recruiters. Prior to his tenure at Proven Recruiting, Poya established himself as a leading performer at a national publicly-traded staffing firm for several years.

With a passion for learning and a natural inquisitiveness, Poya continues to win over clients and candidates alike, founding long-lasting, trust-based relationships.

Have a question for Poya? Ask him in the comments.

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