5 Ways to Make a GREAT First Impression

2016-06-10 | BY Proven Recruiting's Editorial Team | IN Job Seekers, Work Life

5 Ways to Make a GREAT First Impression

It only takes a glance, maybe five seconds for a person you meet for the first time to evaluate you. During that short time, their opinion about you can be influenced by your body language, appearance, demeanor, how you are dressed, and even your mannerisms.

In most cases it is not easy to undo or reverse the first impression; this makes first impressions crucial since they tend to form the tone for all relationships that follow.

So, whether it is in your social life or career, it is vital to know how to create a positive first impression. In this article, we look at some tips that will help you make a great first impression.

1. Be punctual

Whether you are going for a job interview or a business meeting, being on time is a must. You should live by the saying, “if you’re on time you are late if you’re early you’re on time.” Always make a point of getting to the interview venue at least 30 minutes early; this allows you ample time to get used to the environment and calm any pre-interview jitters.

Should you be running late, call and give your interviewer as much notice as possible. They will appreciate it more as opposed to when you keep them waiting and give a lame excuse when you arrive.

2. Dress for success

Remember, you are meeting the interviewers for the first time and physical appearance goes a long way. However, you should not go overboard on how you dress for the interview; don’t be too dolled up. The key to dressing for success is to appear appropriate for the position you are interviewing for.

Apart from how you dress, you should pay attention to your grooming; a good hair cut or shave will go a long way. Taking pride in how you look will help your confidence when it’s time to interview.

3. Put on a smile

Ever heard the saying “smile and the world smiles too?” A confident and warm smile when you get into the interview room will put both you and the interviewer at ease. When it comes to creating great first impressions, a smile is always a winner. Be sure to keep it sincere and don’t go overboard with those pearly whites.

4. Power down

In this era of smartphones, it has become a natural tendency for people to pull out their phones when in a line at the grocery store or at the subway waiting for their train. When you’re waiting for your turn to go into the interview room use that time to go over your resume or rather think about what impression you want to give the interviewers as opposed to pulling out your phone for a game of candy crush.

When it’s time for your interview make sure your phone is on silent. The last thing you want is your phone to ring in the middle of your interview.

5. Make the first move

You might feel like the guest in your interviewer’s office but you shouldn’t hesitate to extend your hand for the introductory handshake. It may appear as a small gesture, but it shows that you are confident, self-assured, and ready to start the interview.

Whether you’re interviewing for a new job or just looking to make a great first impression these tips will help guarantee the impact you leave is a positive one.

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