Beat Your Application Slump

2018-01-04 | BY Proven Recruiting's Editorial Team | IN Job Search Starter Kit, Job Seekers, Resume & Interviews

Beat Your Application Slump

The story is all too familiar – you perfectly tailor your resume, submit it through all the right channels, and patiently wait for an email that will likely never come. Applications can be long, tiresome, and shockingly futile: a 2016 report revealed that for every 27 job applications, you’re likely to get ONE single interview.

Little has changed in the intervening years since these statistics were released – 2019 is just as competitive and it’ll take a unique mixture of ambition and creativity to get noticed. With sites like LinkedIn making it easier and easier to apply for jobs en masse, you may be devoting countless hours toiling away with unnecessary applications.

Stuck in an application rut? Try these 5 tips to revitalize your job hunt in the new year:

1. New platform.

Everyone’s on LinkedIn, Indeed, and Monster, which means everyone’s applying for the same jobs in the same way. Do some research to find competitor sites with more direct access to employers.

Consider AngelList, a site targeted at tech professionals looking to break into the startup market. Unlike Indeed or Monster, AngelList has no middle man: users contact the company directly by providing a short intro explaining who they are and why they’re interested. Conversations flow naturally, and the whole process is a lot more direct (and less awkward!).

Alternatively, consider contacting a recruiter to access opportunities you may otherwise not know about. It’s not uncommon that companies will work directly with a recruiting agency, foregoing the traditional online application process entirely. In these cases, a recruiter will have the tools and exclusive connections to get you in front of the right opportunities.

2. New method.

With more than 3 million active job listings, the opportunities on LinkedIn are essentially limitless. That is – if you know how to harness them.

Hitting the “Apply now” button is the easy way out. There are upwards of 467 million LinkedIn users, and you guessed it – they’re all clicking that same button. Looking to differentiate yourself? Research your job’s hiring manager and message them personally. Include the names of people you’d like to work with and why, and try to make a connection based on a shared interest or similar background.

3. New delegate.

Your biggest problem is that you can’t get in front of the right people. Cue recruiters!

A recruiter’s success is tied to yours; recruiters only benefit if you land the job. Our goals and interests are aligned, and we have exclusive access to hiring managers and HR professionals at top companies.

If we think you’re right for the job, we’ll make it our mission to market your skills directly to the people who matter. And it’s absolutely free – recruiters are paid by companies, not candidates, and the commission in no way impacts your salary.  

4. New resume.

Resumes are meant to be fluid. If you’re not getting any responses with your current resume, give it an update. Even consider starting from scratch – sometimes something new is exactly what you need. Consult our Resume Guide to get started.

If you’re looking to experiment, try Microsoft’s new AI-driven, LinkedIn-integrated resume builder. It lets you pull in information from specific job listings, optimize your resume with keywords, and search through the best resumes in your field. Make sure to tell us about your experience in the comments!

5. New approach.

Play the long game – direct applications aren’t working for you, so maybe it’s time for a new strategy. Attend relevant Meetups, networking events, or even download Bumble’s professional networking app, Bumble Bizz.  

If you’re in the SoCal area, Proven Recruiting hosts regular Happy Hours for local professionals to connect, exchange stories, and enjoy complimentary drinks in a relaxed setting. Sign-up for updates on upcoming events, and come say hi if you’re in town!

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