Job Fair Preview – Sony

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2014-05-22 | BY Proven Recruiting's Editorial Team | IN Job Seekers

Job Fair Preview – Sony


On Friday, May 30 we are hosting San Diego’s first ever Graduation Party + Job Fair. Our goal is to connect recent grads with local businesses in a new and exciting way. SONY is looking for thinkers, leaders and doers to join their team so join them on May 30th to find out if that could be you!

For tickets and more information please visit

Who is Sony?

A company driven by imagination. Imagine that. For over 65 years, imagination has been the fuel of everything we do. It’s been the springboard for our ideas, the inspiration behind our products and the reason why so much of what we’ve done has changed things. From how people listen to music, to how they play games, to how they watch TV, our big imaginations have led us to more “firsts” than just about anyone else.



At Sony, we’re not just about creating products. We’re about inspiring life, capturing moments and introducing imagination to everyone. All pretty big things. But none of it just happens. It takes heart, passion and drive. Here are a few of the things that drive us.


  • We seek excellence and perseverance. Because nobody failed reaching for the stars.
  • We show courage. To lead teams, companies, markets, customers and ultimately, change.
  • We take responsibility and ownership of our ideas and actions. Always doing what’s right for our customers and our company.
  • We like to work collaboratively. The more imaginations, the more ideas, the better we are.
  • We embrace change and stay nimble enough to react to it. Because opportunities wait for no one.

If you feel the same way, join us!

What’s the office culture like in San Diego?


We innovate and encourage our people to push themselves and their ideas. Around here, coloring outside the lines isn’t just welcome, it’s expected.

We inspire everyone around us to learn and grow. After all, if you’re not getting better, then neither are we.

We open our minds and our doors to new ways of thinking. Because great ideas can come from anywhere, even if it’s not your job.

Our office has some special perks too!

  • On-site gym complete with a basketball court, fitness classes, and massage therapy
  • Taco Tuesday!
  • Recharge Wednesday – Free Popcorn!
  • Food Truck Friday!
  • Back-up child/elderly care
  • Vacation Policy – there is none! Take time off as you need it.  No accrual or tracking vacation hours!


What are you looking for at this job fair (in terms of soft skills, technical skills, or both)? 

Here at Sony, we look for thinkers, leaders, and doers.

A company is only as good as its people. And in the fast-paced, ever-changing world of technology, they’re even more important. Our people humanize us, grow us and like our customers, are the heart of everything we create and do. At Sony, we want you for you. So bring your unique voice, perspective, thinking and ideas—and watch great things happen.

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