Resume Tips and Tricks You Haven’t Thought Of

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2012-10-05 | BY Proven Recruiting's Editorial Team | IN Job Seekers, Resume & Interviews

Resume Tips and Tricks You Haven’t Thought Of


You’re a seasoned job seeker.  You already know that you should run a spell check, highlight your strengths, and keep everything on your resume succinct and to the point.  The problem is that so does everyone else who is seeking a job.  If you want to show your potential employer that you have what it takes to go the extra mile, you need to start with your resume.  Here are a few subtle tweaks that can help make your resume stand out from the crowd.


Rethink Font

Think font selection is only important if you applying for a graphic design job?  The fact is the font selection has a big impact on the readability of your resume, which in turn has a big impact on whether or not you will be considered for the job.  Skip the default fonts like Times New Roman or Calibri. Instead use Georgia, which is much more readable on computer screens.


Make your Resume Tell a Story

People spend billions of their hard earned money every year on books and movies for one simple reason: there is nothing more stimulating or memorable than a good story.  And if you harness this power you can make it a lot easier for recruiters to keep your name at the front of their mind.

Make your resume read like your career is an adventure, one where you are the hero. When  people read your employment history, make them feel like they are reading a grand narrative. You started out in some entry level position, but through your talent and pluck, you racked up accomplishment after accomplishment, earning promotions and the respect of your peers along the way. Until finally, you built up enough skills and experience to make you perfect for position you are applying for. Giving your work history have a good beginning, middle, and end will make your resume a lot easier to remember.


Include Hyperlinks

When most hiring managers see your resume for the first time they will view it on their computer.  That gives you a great opportunity to give them a little bit more information about you, your work history, and your accomplishments. If you have a website.  If information about projects you have worked on are on the web, include those links as well when you are listing your achievements.


Be Bold

A simple and easy way to make your resume more readable is to put the most important bits in bold. It won’t just make your resume a whole lot more readable; it will also show that you are genuinely proud about your most significant experiences and accomplishments.

If you are having trouble deciding exactly what you should highlight with this technique, just ask yourself what you would show your potential employer if they could only look at 10% of your resume.

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