Rewriting Her(story), An Interactive Panel

2021-03-29 | BY Proven Recruiting's Editorial Team | IN Free Resources, Work Life

Rewriting Her(story), An Interactive Panel


Questions of a woman’s worth, ability, and potential have been systemically baked into the American landscape. These ongoing issues impact all aspects of life, especially in the corporate world, where DE&I leaders have been hard at work trying to identify and eliminate barriers for women.

That’s why we’re showcasing a candid conversation with four notable women, each sharing their personal experiences and discoveries to help inspire a re-imagining of our collective future.

Our four speakers:

Vidya Murthy, Vice President of Operations at MedCrypt

Patti Perez, Author, The Drama-Free Workplace

Anna Raskind, Business Development Manager .

..and host Lee Ann Kim, former news anchor

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