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2020-08-26 by proven

Career Coaching & Resume Writing Workshop

Whether you’re deep into your job search or you’re just starting to look, join our recruiters for a… Read More

2020-07-20 by proven

The Jobpod – Proven’s Podcast

Episode 1: Becoming A New York Time’s Best-Selling Author Wesley Chu – author of The Lives of Tao, Time Salvager, and The… Read More

2020-02-21 by ElizabethH

Go Small or Go Home: Life After Public Accounting

Three years in Public Accounting had me seriously considering my options. A few things I knew for sure:… Read More
2020-01-09 by ElizabethH

The right way to leave public accounting

Every year a new class of graduates convinces themselves that their experience in Public Accounting will be different.… Read More

2019-09-20 by proven

3 Questions To Impress Any Interviewer

Once the door closes and the interview starts, it can feel like you hold none of the power.… Read More

2019-08-29 by JakeA

3 common misconceptions about consulting

Have you ever heard of dark matter? It’s thought that 85% of the universe is composed of it,… Read More

2019-08-23 by ShirleyP

Why I spent 10+ years ignoring most recruiters…

If you’re an intelligent person in a remotely desirable field, you’ve probably received your fair share of recruiter… Read More

2019-07-18 by PaulG

Changing careers later in life (from someone who did it)

Unless you’ve made your way to the C-suite, you’re unlikely to find many articles addressing the successes, struggles,… Read More

2019-06-27 by ilosner

Deconstructing the most public interview in the world – Dos and Don’ts

Set aside the war for talent – the war for (apparently multi-lingual!!) soundbites has commenced!  As of last… Read More