The Jobpod – Proven’s Podcast

2020-07-20 | BY Proven Recruiting's Editorial Team | IN Resources - Private

The Jobpod – Proven’s Podcast

Episode 1: Becoming A New York Time’s Best-Selling Author

Wesley Chu – author of The Lives of TaoTime Salvager, and The Red Scrolls of Magic (among others) – shares his journey from finance professional to best-selling author. Never one to follow a traditional path, Wesley dedicated nights and weekends to his writing while working days at Bank of America. He shares about his ‘aha’ moment, the decision to leave corporate America, the amount of time and effort it took to write his first ‘good’ book, publishing tips, and sources of inspirations. 


Episode 2: Leading The Way In Organizational Diversity

As the former Chief Superintendent in the Metropolitan Police Force of London, Dr. Victor Olisa was tasked in 2016 with leading the Diversity & Inclusion unit at the Metropolitan Police Force of London. In this week’s episode he highlights the strategies and tactics, the successes and missteps, that helped him transform a historically challenged institution into a more diverse, equitable, and inclusive organization. 

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