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2020-07-20 by proven

The Jobpod – Proven’s Podcast

Episode 1: Becoming A New York Time’s Best-Selling Author Wesley Chu – author of The Lives of Tao, Time Salvager, and The… Read More

2019-05-24 by proven

The science of cold emails: connect with anyone, anytime

The best cold emails don’t feel like cold emails at all – they’re unconventional, highly targeted, and they… Read More

2019-02-22 by ChelseaD

Write a Cover Letter in 10 minutes or less & get noticed

If you’ve ever given up on applying to a job because of the cover letter requirement, listen up… Read More

2018-12-13 by proven

The best networking event of the year

The words ‘holiday party’ send a collective shiver up the spine of corporate America. Whether you’re the type… Read More

2018-08-23 by NickM

The anatomy of a thank you note – what you need to write to get hired.

You already said what you had to say – and expressed your profuse gratitude – in the interview… Read More

2018-04-07 by proven

The Jobpod: finding work & meaning

If you’re wondering what comes next in your career, or how to go about finding work in this… Read More

2018-03-01 by MeganW

How Networking Will Change Your Life (& Drive Your Sales)

Networking is a powerful tool. Yet for most, the thought of inserting oneself into an already-established group of… Read More

2018-01-24 by proven

Are you replaceable…by a robot?

Really – what are the odds of losing your job to a robot? Remarkably low, especially if you’re… Read More

2018-01-04 by proven

Beat Your Application Slump

The story is all too familiar – you perfectly tailor your resume, submit it through all the right… Read More