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2018-12-20 by proven

We tried the gender decoder, and the results surprised us.

On the surface, the Gender Decoder seems like an invaluable tool. It helps pinpoint hard-to-identify gendered terms and… Read More

2018-12-06 by proven

5 Must-Know Business Trends for 2019

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2018-11-15 by proven

Big Boss or Big Brother? Top 5 employee monitoring systems

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2018-08-09 by proven

California’s cannabis industry has a job for you

…And it’s not in growing, trimming, or testing. Cannabis is nothing new to Californians – though recreational marijuana… Read More

2018-06-08 by proven

Your guide to landing a job in cybersecurity

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2018-05-09 by proven

Business in the time of cyber warfare: how to protect your company.

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2018-01-24 by proven

Are you replaceable…by a robot?

Really – what are the odds of losing your job to a robot? Remarkably low, especially if you’re… Read More

2017-12-13 by proven

Hiring Strategy in the New Year: 5 Trends to Watch in 2018

Are you ready? The countdown is on! It’s only a matter of days until 2017 is behind us.… Read More

2017-11-08 by proven

The Reality of #DiversityinTech (and How We’re Helping)

Since 1994, the number of women in computer science jobs has dropped from 37% to 24%. The news… Read More