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2018-12-20 by proven

We tried the gender decoder, and the results surprised us.

On the surface, the Gender Decoder seems like an invaluable tool. It helps pinpoint hard-to-identify gendered terms and… Read More

2018-07-11 by proven

4 ways your company can get more from your recruiter, build better relationships, and save money

Recruiters don’t often come with a user manual or best practices guide for taking full advantage of the… Read More

2018-04-16 by skim

Six free recruiting tools that will change your life

You know how it goes; just as every software engineer has a preferred language, or every photographer a… Read More

2018-02-01 by JerryM

Breaking the cycle: why candidates are rejecting your offers

No question, it’s a tough time to be an employer. With unemployment at a 17-year low, qualified professionals… Read More

2018-01-18 by proven

Which perks work (and which hurt)

In the age of elaborate – and frankly extravagant – perks, it can be tempting to simply throw… Read More

2017-11-16 by proven

Is Conscious Competence the Key to Success?

Is your company talking about ‘Unconscious Incompetence’ yet? This learning-related phenomenon is a growing concern for employers, and… Read More

2017-08-03 by RonB

Apples and Oranges: Picking the Best Candidate

You go into the hiring process well prepared – you’ve considered all aspects of the position, laid out… Read More

2016-07-22 by lsong

Proven Recruiting’s Five Guiding Principles

In 2007, Ingram Losner and I quit our corporate jobs and started Proven Recruiting. It was a total Jerry… Read More

Journey to the Startup Nation with Ingram Losner
2015-05-20 by proven

PROVEN’s Israel Connection: Ingram Losner’s Inspiring Journey

Last month, PROVEN’s Co-Founder, Ingram Losner, journeyed to Israel to meet with local tech executives and startup founders… Read More