Want to Fast Track Your Career? Our Rookie of the Year Will Show You How It’s Done

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2013-02-14 | BY Proven Recruiting's Editorial Team | IN Job Seekers

Want to Fast Track Your Career? Our Rookie of the Year Will Show You How It’s Done

We are proud to award Sabrina Grigorian from our San Diego team as PROVEN’s first-ever Rookie of the Year! Beyond earning this award by the numbers, Sabrina has exemplified WORK. LIFE. ELEVATED. through her dedication to her candidates, her clients, and her team. Sabrina has propelled her career through consistent professionalism and work excellence, and never without a smile.


With a mere 18 months of experience under her belt, Sabrina is a model for recent grads – and professionals of all levels – seeking to fast track their careers through work ethic and determination. Here’s her advice for job seekers and new hires looking to elevate their own career opportunities:


What does WORK. LIFE. ELEVATED. mean to you?

To me, feeling ELEVATED comes from a combination of working hard, enjoying working hard, and being surrounded by that same energy. It’s beyond just seeing success and more so a result of leaving everyday knowing I did the best I can do for not only for myself, but also my team.  PROVEN has a great culture that I can say has been a huge part in motivating me to work towards feeling ‘ELEVATED.’


As a recent grad, what advice can you offer to job seekers who are just entering the workforce and want to hit the ground running (as you did)?

I think one of the most important things a recent grad can take with them in their job search is being confident in who they are and what they are capable of. Some of those qualities are innate, but I think everyone is capable of setting expectations and standards for themselves that they want to achieve.  Being on the other side now has made me realize how important it is to sell what you have to offer as a person, beyond just your skill set.


What have you learned from the PROVEN team that others, particularly job seekers and recent hires, can learn from as well?

A strong mentor is essential to learning, being challenged, and growing as effectively as possible in a new role. I have the best manager ever, Marilyn, who has played a big role in my progression and experience this year. Really the greatest thing that Marilyn has given me is her trust and constant support/encouragement. Beyond the fact that she is an awesome person by nature, she really spends time to understand where I am coming from and how we can work together in doing what is best for us individually and as a team. The greatest thing I’ve learned from her is the importance of spending time understanding what each of us needs to be happy and make things work! Without that open communication, be it negative or positive, our success wouldn’t be possible.


You’ve just won Rookie of the Year! What will you do next?

Senior of the Year? Ha ha. In the immediate future I want to motivate myself to work hard, share success with a growing team, and have a good time enjoying where I work in the process.


 About Sabrina


Associate Partner, Accounting & Operations Support Practice


Sabrina is a recent graduate of the University of California, San Diego where she earned a BA in International Studies-Political Science, Economics. She is originally from Los Angeles but loved San Diego too much to leave after she graduated. After living in Washington D.C. and spending time working at a Law Firm where she conducted heavy research, she changed her original plan of attending law school right away to first focus more on directly working with people. Sabrina is new to the staffing industry and eager to begin working hard in helping her candidates and clients alike. She feels as though her drive and desire to learn will take her far in the industry.


Contact Sabrina directly at 858.412.1148 or at sgrigorian@proveninc.com

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