Webinar: Remote Hiring & Onboarding

2020-06-25 | BY Proven Recruiting's Editorial Team | IN Free Resources, Hiring

Webinar: Remote Hiring & Onboarding

If you’ve put off hiring out of fear of engaging someone remotely – you’re not alone. But the reality is this situation isn’t going anywhere. That means we have to tackle the big questions: how can I determine the best fit, when I can’t even have a natural conversation with the candidate? What will they do on their first day, without a manager nearby? How can I transmit my company culture?

In this webinar our CEO Louis Song, Managing Partner Kelly Feest, and Vidaloop‘s VP of Operations Sarah Horton are sharing remote hiring and onboarding best practices from companies doing it right now. They focus on:

1. Hiring the right people given the (virtual) tools at your disposal
2. Transmitting your company culture from afar
3. Promoting inclusion and catering to different work styles

Watch now to improve your remote process, or else send us a message with specific questions.

Looking for the short version? Here are the top 3 takeaways:

1. What makes a great hire different today vs. in the past? Technical skills and experience are always necessary, but in the current hierarchy of candidate must-haves they rank well below self-sufficiency and culture-add. You can always teach or improve upon someone’s technical acumen; it’s much more difficult to impart a self-driven work ethic, especially from afar. 

2. How do you virtually engage candidates? As much as possible, include high-level decision makers in the process from the start. Vidaloop’s Founder takes part in every first-round interview, which results in increased enthusiasm as candidates complete their technical challenge and second round interviews. 

3. Why do you need virtual inclusion? Everyone has different soft skills, some of which may not translate well over video (speaking softly, introvert/extrovert, non-native English speaker, etc.). By designing your process to adapt to your candidates’ needs, you’ll be able to hire the best people for the job without excluding anyone on the basis of an irrelevant quirk or personality trait. At Vidaloop, they’ve begun displaying questions on the screen to help promote inclusivity among the hearing impaired and non-native English speakers.

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