Why Dogs at Work Make For Better Workers

2017-08-25 | BY Proven Recruiting's Editorial Team | IN Hiring, Work Life

Why Dogs at Work Make For Better Workers

In honor of National Dog Day (tomorrow!), we’d like to thank our four-legged friends for not only filling our lives with love, but for actually improving our emotional wellbeing. Turns out, bringing your dog to work can do wonders for your mental and emotional health – not to mention your productivity.

Having your dog accompany you to the office has been scientifically shown to reduce stress and improve office morale. Studies show that the calming effect our canine friends have on us is significant; they can bring a much-needed sense of fun and play to an otherwise corporate environment.

Dogs also encourage interaction and collaboration between unengaged workers. Say you’re working in the finance department of a large company with only limited contact with marketing – that is, until you spot the golden retriever napping under a marketing-worker’s desk. Honestly, just bring a dog to work and watch as you become the most popular person in the office.

Of course, not every dog is suited to an office environment. Make sure your pup is well trained, friendly, calm, and not one to get nervous around new people and/or crowds. Because you can rest assured, the crowds will inevitably form the moment people get sight of your pooch. If you bring an untrained dog to the office it won’t only negatively affect you and your coworkers, but it’ll also be a bad experience for your dog. And none of us want that.

If your boss seems hesitant, try suggesting a dog-friendly policy on a limited basis. What has worked for us at Proven Recruiting is designating one day a month as Bring Your Dog to Work Day. This helps balance the needs of our resident dog-lovers with those of our allergy-prone or dog-ambivalent workers.

As an employer, you should also be aware that allowing dogs in the office is considered a valuable benefit, especially to millennials. Looking to attract younger, more engaged talent? Maybe consider broadening your applicant pool – to include four-legged creatures.

From all us humans to all our furry friends, thanks for making us feel less overwhelmed and more loved each and every day.

Make sure to hug a dog today from us at Proven Recruiting!

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