Your summer internship checklist – how to find the right fit for you.

2018-07-25 | BY Adrianna Grigorian | IN Job Seekers, Work Life

Your summer internship checklist – how to find the right fit for you.

Have you tried landing a summer internship recently? I didn’t think much of it – until I started looking for a summer job of my own. The journey is a whirlwind; finding somewhere where you can flex your creative abilities while growing your professional network and honing your analytical skills is no easy feat. Add to that the stress of unanswered applications and seemingly infinite choices, and landing that summer internship can prove to be a uniquely anxiety-provoking experience.

It’s only when you finally accept an offer that everything starts to feel right. That is, if you accept an offer at the right place.

From my very first day at Proven Recruiting, I knew I had found a second home. The friendly faces, animated personalities and warm welcomes immediately made me feel like I belonged. It’s not easy starting a new internship – let alone your first internship – but the encouraging atmosphere made me confident and eager to face the next three months of my life.

It’s strange, but I’ve learned that there’s so much more to work than work. While the substance is engaging and challenging, content is just the beginning. What makes a great workplace is the people.

Want to find the right internship for you? This is my go-to checklist.

1. Find a place where you’ll gain friends, not co-workers.

I can’t stress enough the value of feeling accepted. The more you feel at ease with your new position – and the people you’ll be working with – the more you’ll take away from the experience.

At Proven Recruiting, everyone from executives to front-line recruiters has helped me grow both professionally and individually. The executives, Ingram Losner and Louis Song, are not just my bosses – they’re my mentors and friends. My best advice is to find a place that offers encouragement in support of your personal goals and professional development.

2. Do they want to help you grow? Sky’s the limit!

Few places give interns the power to create their own success.

Not so at Proven Recruiting. From day one, my ideas were encouraged and even carried to fruition. No matter your level of experience – whether you’re starting your first day or are two months deep – the opportunities for mentorship and growth are incredible.

From one-on-one evaluations with managers to unparalleled autonomy, Proven Recruiting continuously pushes for growth amongst all of its employees.

Joining the team is more like falling into a group of incredibly supportive friends than working with unfamiliar co-workers. The people here really live by their guiding principles – especially ‘Try. Learn. Grow. Repeat.’

 3. Will you look forward to work every single day?

Friday happy hours, weekly lunches and team hikes – Proven Recruiting never fails to prioritize fun and celebrate success. Any company that invests in its people and focuses on your personal development will make for an excellent summer workplace.

4. Culture before everything.

I had heard stories of manipulative supervisors, unhealthy competition, and insufferable office politics.

With that in mind, I was ready for the worst – until I started working.

Proven Recruiting is like a family. I wake up at 6 am excited for a new day. Sitting in hours of traffic isn’t something I fear because I know when 8 am comes around I’ll be surrounded by some of the best people in our industry. I may only be here for a few months, but I know that my presence is valued and that my ideas are respected.

Don’t doubt it: the culture of a company is vital to your performance. A constructive and uplifting culture can help you feel safe – help you feel that you are more than an intern.

5. Will my experience here change me for the better?

I may only be a summer intern, but I know I’ve learned key lessons that will help me be a better worker – and a better person.

– Everybody makes mistakes. Regardless of the mistake, you need to learn and move forward. Don’t be afraid to take a step back and evaluate. Take the time to understand your mistake and prepare the right questions to prevent it from happening again.

– Always ask questions. The leadership here inspires and stimulates individuals to do better, ask questions and always keep learning.

– Live your passion. If there is a project, meeting or phone call you want to be involved in – speak up. Express your interest and show that you are willing to take initiative to go above and beyond.

It’s been a wild ride, and it’s not over yet. Where ever your summer internship takes you, remember that there’s more than money involved – you are learning the life skills that will help shape your future career.

At Proven Recruiting, I’ve been given the tools and autonomy to pursue my interests in a way that is meaningful and tangible. Make $hit happen isn’t just a saying – it’s the way this team lives their lives.

What do you look to get out of your summer internship? I’d love to hear your thoughts! Shoot me an email at to learn more about our opportunities or share your personal experience.

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