3 ways your company can #GoGreen (& how to lead the change)

2018-08-15 | BY Proven Recruiting's Editorial Team | IN Hiring, Job Seekers, Work Life

3 ways your company can #GoGreen (& how to lead the change)

Going green has never been more important – or more trendy. Every company, big and small, seems to be instating, pledging, or committing to some kind of environmental strategy.

But you don’t need to wait for your company to jump on the bandwagon – you yourself have the power to effect real, meaningful change, starting at your own place of work. Whether you’re a CEO or a recent hire, everyone has a voice in this battle.

Start small, create new policies, and follow through on your commitments. Here are 3 ways you can make positive change at your company today:

1. Push for reusable dishware

The office that eats together sticks together. At Proven Recruiting, we do everything in our power to bring our people together over food.

But what happens after everyone’s full? Do people dump their plastic forks and plates in the garbage? More and more, industry leaders – from Starbucks’s anti-straw campaign to McDonald’s pledge to using reusable packaging by 2025 – are committing to reusable, sustainable, and carbon-neutral products in the workplace.

Stocking a full kitchen, including real cutlery, plates, and bowls, is an important step towards becoming a greener company.

2. Start a ‘Meatless Mondays’ campaign

This small change – cutting out meat for one day a week – can have a BIG impact on the environment.

Did you know? Meat and dairy are one of the largest sources of greenhouse gasses worldwide. According to new studies, climate enthusiasts are better off cutting out beef (forget chicken, turkey, pork, dairy, etc.) than cutting out cars.

Apparently, if everyone committed to following the health guidelines for meat – no more, no less – agriculture-caused greenhouse gas emissions would be reduced by 50%.

It’s kind of amazing, right? Who knew such a small change could have such wide-ranging consequences. Start slow with Meatless Monday, and try to get as many of your co-workers (including leaders and CEOs) on board as possible.

3. Coordinate carpools.

The average American spends about 40 hours a year in traffic, and California is one of the nation’s worst states for commuters. If you’re commuting every day, consider helping the environment – and making your drive a little less tedious! – by sharing your ride.

Distribute a carpool sign-up sheet via Google Sheets with name, location, schedule, and phone number columns. Then pair up with your closest neighbor and help save the environment – and finally get the pleasure of sliding into that HOV lane.

You’ll not only save on gas (about $600 each month), you’ll also be making some solid friendships to keep you sane during those late nights.

BONUS: Consider starting a ‘community’ garden.

Try this fun bonding activity to get your co-workers involved in something outside of their normal routine – while giving back to the planet!

First you’ll need an outdoor space. Anything from a patio to a rooftop or balcony will do the trick. The bigger the better, though sometimes smaller spaces can force you to be more creative and intentional, so don’t shy away from them!

Second you’ll need to get people excited. Have your office vote on the produce you’ll plant, set up slots for gardening, and plan the actual layout. Ideally, people will see this new project as an environmentally-friendly way of blowing off steam and taking a refreshing break during the work day. Work life balance at its best!

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