What makes a successful Diversity and Inclusion professional?

2018-08-22 | BY Proven Recruiting's Editorial Team | IN Hiring, Job Seekers

What makes a successful Diversity and Inclusion professional?

From Facebook and Qualcomm to Ebay and Uber, forward-thinking companies are increasingly looking to hire for a Director, Manager, or Head of Diversity & Inclusion. Major cities across California are seeing a boom in demand; public pressure coupled with growing initiatives has caused the need for D&I Professionals to explode across various industries.

The purpose of this emerging position is to integrate D&I philosophy and practice within all layers of an organization. Here’s your quick-reference guide with everything you need to know about this developing job function.

The state of D&I in San Diego

As they say – so goes Silicon Valley, so goes the world. The numbers point to a growing trend, one that will only increase as attention and resources are redeployed to support demand.

Our research has identified three major growth points:

1. Soon, the number of D&I job openings will outpace the number of qualified candidates across California. San Diego is usually quick to follow the trends set by SF and LA.

2. Top companies, from Qualcomm to Uber, are looking to strategically position themselves as innovators in this new space. To support these hires, entire departments – or at least specialized teams – are being developed.

3. Mounting public pressure to supply a fair, equitable, and supportive workplace is intensifying the need for qualified D&I professionals.

The D&I scene in San Diego will soon require a major influx of skilled talent – but what makes someone, in this newly emerging space, really ‘qualified’?

What makes a great D&I professional?

Locating and sourcing these candidates is the real challenge. How do you identify a good fit, when the requirements of the job are still evolving? Especially when, given the parameters of the work, so few people have direct experience?

You’ll be looking for a unique blend of the following:

– Human Resources

– Program Management

– Talent Acquisition

– Marketing/outreach

– Diversity and Inclusion involvement (to various extents)

The ultimate candidate will also possess a deep knowledge of D&I-related legislation as well as strong experience in data collection and analysis. Facebook’s D&I hires, for instance, are focused mainly on measuring analytics and outcomes rather than implementing programs.

The candidates you’re looking to attract are most likely to hold the title of ‘Director of Human Resources’ or ‘Human Resource Manager’ and to possess 10+ years of relevant experience.

Your go-to checklist for hiring

Most candidates will have neither specialized D&I experience nor a degree in a related subject, which makes it especially difficult to pinpoint exactly what makes an outstanding D&I professional.

We’ve honed in on the following qualifications as essential to a successful candidate:

– 7+ years of experience working with companies in program management and implementation

– Proven track-record of building collaborative strategies across multiple levels of an organization

– Deep knowledge of HR and legal policies as they relate to D&I

– Involvement in and insight into the D&I community – even if not in an official capacity

Growth mindset, adaptability to change, an expert at conflict resolution

– Ability to develop metrics to track and assess success of various initiatives

– Experience in public outreach: requires the development of long-lasting relationships with external partners

– Intimate understanding of local labor markets

Still confused? We’re working with a number of companies in San Diego’s D&I community to help support the growing needs in this space. Join us Tuesday, October 2nd for a Diversity and Inclusion Reception and Happy Hour co-hosted with Sony Electronics. We’re bringing in best-selling author Simon T. Bailey to share one of his signature talks on building inclusive workplace cultures, which will be followed by networking and appetizers on Sony’s Sky View Terrace.

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It’s the perfect opportunity to meet with your local community, share stories, and learn from the experts. We hope to see you there!

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