The 10 Trendiest Offices in Dallas-Fort Worth

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The 10 Trendiest Offices in Dallas-Fort Worth

The modern worker is no longer impressed by unlimited coffee and a window office. To stay competitive, smart companies are reimagining the traditional workspace, incorporating everything from pool tables and game rooms to outdoor work zones and full-sized restaurant replicas.

Check out these 10 innovative companies taking their offices to the next level:

1. Raising Cane’s

Offbeat: that’s the word that comes to mind when describing Raising Cane’s Dallas headquarters. 

From the oversized, vibrant colored murals to the replica Raising Cane’s restaurant in the dining area, this 24,000 sq. foot office delivers on its offbeat promise.

Think hallways lined with diner-style wallpaper, giant posters of iconic Raising Cane’s locations, and brightly designed meeting rooms. The idea behind the space was to allow workers to have fun – and Raising Cane’s certainly succeeded.

2. Hodges Capital

You’d never guess this was a business at all – Hodges Capital’s Dallas office is more reminiscent of a manor house than a corporate headquarters. That’s because it was first built in by former Dallas mayor Thomas Bradford in 1906 as a private residence, fit for a family of his stature.

After 100+ years and a few different owners – including the Catholic Women’s League for a time – the house was bought by family-owned investment advisory firm Hodges Capital.

They meticulously restored the home to its previous glory, honoring its early 20th century roots in both their architectural choices and design elements. Dark wood, a homey feel, and a deep history make this office one of the trendiest in Dallas.   


3. Experian

This office is all about collaboration. When designing Experian’s Dallas headquarters, architects were faced with a unique challenge – how to bring together over 500 employees in a space that encouraged communication without feeling overwhelming.

The solution was the “Experian Circle” – the entire structure is framed around a central circular artery, in which employees can book official meetings, meet for casual catch-ups, or simply enjoy a well-earned break. Couches and meeting areas further support a culture of communication.

4. HKS

Named the sixth-largest architectural/engineering firm in the US, HKS has a big reputation to uphold – and it lives up to its name. HKS couldn’t be responsible for completing such monumental projects as the AT&T Stadium and the American Airlines Center without looking internally to their own offices.

To that end, their Dallas headquarters is an incredible marriage of architectural innovation and an industrial, modern aesthetic.Light wood accents stand out against the concrete walls and pillars, giving the space a clean and functional feel. Spanning a full seven floors, the HKS headquarters is a feat of engineering and imagination. Read more about it here.


Maybe it’s strange to feature a company thats sole purpose is to host other companies – but we’d be remiss if we left HOWDO of the Dallas trendiest offices list.

Located in the Trinity Industrial District, this office is perfect for corporate offsites, think tanks, or networking happy hours. Designed to “ignite curiosity, creativity, and collaboration,” the space features a 24-person conference room, a full chef’s kitchen, and organic breakout areas. It’s bright and open, and is intentionally left sparse to eliminate distractions. The perfect getaway for any team of creatives.

6. BKS

BKS takes office design seriously; their mission statement is to “enrich human connections through innovative workplaces.” Not only do they provide DFW with leading-edge office furniture and design consulting services; but they integrate those same principles into their own corporate space.

Their office is optimized to heighten creativity, provide you with the tools to focus and work, and stimulate your sense of wonder! If design and collaboration are your bread and butter; this is the company for you.

7. Saatchi & Saatchi

This global advertising company takes design seriously – and it’s reflected in their new Dallas office. A laid-back California feel permeates the space, despite the fact that it resides in a downtown high-rise.

To appeal to a younger crowd, private offices were entirely eliminated. Instead, employees congregate in comfortable and casual shared work spaces. Each worker is given a (temporary) spot at a round dim-sum-inspired table; whether they choose to work there, or collaborate in the shared spaces, is wholly up to them.  


8. Tailwinds Advisors

Before becoming the home of Tailwinds Advisors, this 15,000 sq. foot space was an industrial Quonset used as a machine shop supplier for Pier 1 Imports. Now, the space has been reimagined as a beautiful, functional, creative office – replete with a putting green.

The ceiling and walls – formerly consisting of metal, wires, and pipes – are completely covered by 2.4 fir planks, offering a fresh outdoorsy feel. What remains of the steel support beams has been integrated into the design as a nod to the building’s past. If you’re looking for a fresh, creative office in Fort Worth to stretch your wealth management muscles – look no further.

9. Securus

White walls, open spaces, clean modern aesthetics – Securus’s new Dallas office is perfect for innovative tech-types. The office is designed in an ‘H’ shape, allowing for ample natural light, with ample nooks and crannies to hide away while completing your work.

The interior of the 154,000sq. foot H-shaped building serves as a collaborative zone. In this space you’ll find shared work spaces, lounging areas, and a series of bright graphic walls to spark your creativity.

10. Sq1

Pops of color, bold prints, and a life-size Hulk statue mark Sq1’s unconventional Dallas office. This data-driven marketing agency covers 24,000 sq. feet in Dallas’s historic West End District.

 Here, private offices are traded for ‘work pods’ – each employee has a designated desk and monitor, open to the rest of the space.Surrounding workers in each room are vibrant wallpapers, pop realism designs, and over-the-top graphics. Much like the brand itself, the office is playful, design-forward, and punchy.  


With 22 of the Fortune 500, it’s no surprise that Dallas is  #1 US city for jobs, outpacing NYC and LA. Even without Amazon HQ2, the city is buzzing with entrepreneurial magnetism.

But with the addition of every new company, competition for skilled professionals is pushed to its limit. Companies are more and more seeking to differentiate themselves by providing creative solutions to the ‘office space’ enigma. What will they come up with next, and what is most important to you in an office? Let us know in the comments!

If you’re current office space is less than desirable, reach out at to get your foot in the door at some of these leading-edge companies.  

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