Early career professionals are taking on temp-to-hire

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Early career professionals are taking on temp-to-hire

We know what you’re thinking: why take the risk? Why not just wait for an ideal permanent position? We’re asked this question every day. And no, we don’t have a vested interest in you taking a temporary position over a permanent role.

The answer is simple: temp-to-hire allows you to fearlessly experiment with new software systems and/or company sizes, while exposing you to a larger network in your industry of choice and allowing you to develop your skills. Best of all, it more often than not results in a permanent position at a company that truly appreciates your value.

And honestly, no job – temporary or permanent – is ever guaranteed. At-will employment means you could be fired at any time for any reason. So how do you want to spend your time – at a job that will superdrive your career and challenge you anew, or a job with little movement or opportunity for growth? You tell us.

Why do companies opt for temp-to-hire?

Temp-to-hire is not atypical and it should never prevent you from zealously accepting a position – so long as you know why a company is choosing this strategy.

Generally speaking, companies tend to prefer temp-to-hire for one of these reasons:

1. The company wants to test the fit. ‘Fit’ works two ways – so make sure you’re evaluating them as they evaluate you.

2. The company is unsure of the economy and is worried about investing their money and time upfront. This can also point to possible financial issues in the future. If you think your company falls into this category, try Googling them to learn more about their financial situation.

3. The company is concerned they may not have enough long term work to warrant the extra headcount. While this may sound concerning, we wouldn’t be too worried – if you’re confident in your abilities and make fast friends, you’re likely to be hired permanently.

4. The company hires this way no matter the circumstances. Consider Toyota, which almost always hires new employees on a temp-to-hire basis. These workers are brought on as consultants for the first year before being transitioned to a permanent role. We’ve worked with a number of companies that swear by the temp-to-hire model; it’s worked for them and they’ve stuck with it.

Determining which of these factors is at play is crucial – and, luckily for you, relatively easy to discover. Speak with your recruiter and ask them point blank why this company is choosing temp-to-hire. Chances are they’ll have your answer, in addition to the frequency at which this company converts temp-to-hire workers to permanent employees.

Smart professionals WANT temp-to-hire.

Here’s the secret: temp-to-hire jobs open up the door to opportunities you may otherwise be unable to access.

Work for companies where you’d never usually land an interview. Know that you have the skills and personality to succeed in the job, but you aren’t a perfect match on paper? Never fear: companies are much more willing to take a chance on a contract worker. This allows you to make quick progress in your career, skipping intermediary roles.

Most people are not great interviewers. Most of the time the best candidates are the worst interviewers and vice versa. So if interviewing isn’t your strength, this is your time to shine by showing what you’re made of in the actual job. Interviewing is tough and first impressions, though important, aren’t always spot on. If you’re confident in your abilities, why wouldn’t you consider a temp-to-hire position?

Prove yourself on the job. Once you’ve made it onto the team, you’ll have the chance to show the company why they need you. Instead of having to prove your worth on a sheet of paper, you’ll be able to validate your worth on the job itself.

Who benefits? The confident, the ambitious, the inexperienced, and those between jobs.

Confident. This is an opportunity for someone confident in their skills looking to take the next step in their career.

Ambitious. Temp-to-hire opportunities allow you to quickly expand your circle of influence beyond your usual connections. You never know when it’ll prove useful.

Inexperienced. If you’re early in your career, temp-to-hire is an excellent way to get some diverse mid-level experience on your resume. Better yet, you’ll be better able to experiment with new roles or softwares and add color to an otherwise lackluster CV.

Between jobs. Everyone knows it’s easier to find a job when you already have one. If you find yourself unemployed – either after a big move, parental leave, or a change of employment –  temp-to-hire may be the perfect way to reenter the workforce by easing into a permanent position.

Find your next role.

As recruiters, we’re often put in the position to educate professionals on the value of temp-to-hire. Why take a risk on something so uncertain?

What you’re missing is this: temp-to-hire roles aren’t a free-for-all. If you’re hired, the company believes in you – they like you and they want you to succeed. They just want to see you in action first. In fact, many of our temp-to-hire people end up landing a permanent position before their contract even ends.

Ready to try something new – with little risk and a huge potential payoff? Send us your resume at hello@provenrecruiting.com to find out what opportunities are waiting.

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