Introducing Proven Recruiting

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2015-11-19 | BY Proven Recruiting's Editorial Team | IN Free Resources

Introducing Proven Recruiting

Today we are excited to introduce you to Proven Recruiting, our new company name and accompanying logo. We’ve also launched a new microsite,, where you can search for jobs, get help with hiring and contact us while our full site is under construction. Check it out:

Proven Recruiting logo animationThis is the first time we’ve significantly altered our brand since our founding in 2007, and it’s the beginning of a series of exciting improvements we’re preparing to make in the year(s) ahead.

Specifically, we are focusing on four main areas – People, Technology, Transparency, and Scalability – that we believe are the most essential to continuing to deliver on our brand promise in new and transformative ways.

Some of these changes will directly affect the way we interact with our customers – like the launch of our full website in the beginning of 2016. Others, like the mid-year implementation of new personality assessment and predictive analytics tools, will be seamlessly integrated into our customer experience. Ultimately what you’ll notice is increasingly precise, pleasant and personalized service when you work with us.

So what does our new logo and company name have to do with these four ideas?

Well, Proven Recruiting was founded in the spring of 2007 with a singular purpose: to connect talented people with meaningful careers. The tools and tactics we relied on were pretty different then, especially when you consider the fact LinkedIn, the iPhone, the recession, the current tech bubble, mobile adoption and the ‘Uberization’ of work were barely even a thought (if at all). Back then, recruiting was still largely about phone calls, proprietary databases, and long-term relationships.

Recruiting has changed significantly since then, and so have we. But you might not know it from our old logo and website. That we still exist is evidence of a continuous evolution of our services alongside the needs of our customers. However, our external brand and messaging had fallen out of sync with our internal metamorphosis and our focus on data and technology in particular.

We’ve now reached an inflection point in our growth as a company. As we prepare to enter our ninth year in business, we’re operating with a new level of organizational maturity that enables us to look out onto the horizon and invent new ways of delivering for our customers versus gradually evolving with the pack. Service innovation plays a significant role in our growth strategy for the next five years, and the new logo manifests four critical drivers of that growth.

Proven Recruiting Logo Principles Graphic-15

It’s a symbol of our commitment to continuously invent new and better ways to serve you in the years ahead – whether you’re hiring, changing careers or consulting as an employee of Proven Recruiting.

This new look and feel demonstrates a pretty drastic departure from what we had before, and that’s not a coincidence. With this new look comes a fresh start and the beginning of the next chapter for our business.

We’d love to know what you think.

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