LA’s Trendiest Offices of 2019

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LA’s Trendiest Offices of 2019

In true Los Angeles fashion, LA businesses have taken a concept that is by definition over the top – elaborate, out of the box office designs – to a whole new level. Think massive indoor murals, so-called ‘innovation centers,’ and office-wide skate parks.

We’re not just talking Fortune 500 companies; small and mid-sized businesses are making a serious play for this year’s trendiest office.

Which offices made the cut this year?

1. Hutch

In 2017 Hutch was forced to move offices, giving them the perfect opportunity to put their interior design app to the test. Could it help them to create a bright and inspiring office space (and bonus, cost effective)?

Located in Culver City, Hutch’s new office is modern, warm, and understated. What it lacks in big-impact design elements – no office-wide skate parks to be found here – it makes up in charm and accessibility. The final product focuses on functional, clean, fun design. Even the folks at Architectural Digest are fans.

2. Headspace

What a novel idea – a workspace designed to promote stress-relief, focus, and meditation, not anxiety and competition. Headspace’s Santa Monica HQ is a “physical embodiment of the brand, mirroring its healthy, mindful ethos” (GQ).

The first thing you’ll notice is the meditation pods: these pods offer a peaceful respite from office life. Employees will also enjoy a guided meditation encouraging focus and creativity at the start of every meeting, and a Silent Room which empowers workers to take a conscious break from their screens. Soft colors, warm tones, and comfy furniture makes the space feel more homey than corporate.

3. PatientPop

PatientPop – a platform built to help doctors grow their practices – has exploded over the past few years, and they needed an office to support and reflect their new expansion. Cue their Santa Monica headquarters, two blocks from the beach and replete with rooftop patio and serious WeWork-vibes.

Their mission statement – to help practices thrive – covers an entire blackboard-type wall behind their ping pong tables (which we have on good authority was the site of a now infamous CEO Ping Pong Showdown). Sleek design, bright open spaces, and pops of color help bring this office to life.


4. Riot Games

Riot Games – birthplace of League of Legends – built their West LA headquarters with the goal of creating collaborative and customized workspaces so Rioters could work hard and have fun all at once.

As you’d expect, the company has their fair share of game rooms, arcades, and an outdoor basketball court. The crowning jewel, though, is the Bilgewater Brew-themed coffee shop. Sadly photos and videos inside are restricted (have to keep the hype, you know), but we did unearth this sneaky video for your viewing pleasure.

5. Red Bull

Of all the companies featured, Red Bull has done the best job of manifesting their mission statement – “giving wings to people and ideas.” Their 105,000 sq. ft. office is marked by a larger-than-life skateable installation that runs the length of the office, literally allowing their workers to skate – or fly! – around their campus.

Other highlights include a movie theatre, race cars, gaming rooms disguised as conference rooms, secret bookcases, a gym, and – not to be forgotten – free Red Bull upon arrival.

6. Gem

This cryptocurrency and blockchain startup mixes in elements of play and surprise at their Venice Beach office. An eerie Wizard of Oz mural by local artist sets the tone for this unique space, offset by a hyper-modern fireplace and living space.

The unusual pairings – monochromatic vs. supersaturated, traditional modern vs. avant-garde – make play and experimentation the focus of the space (and the culture!). Plus the location can’t be beat – just a few steps from Abbot Kinney Blvd, Venice Boardwalk, and the Venice Canals.

7. Floqast

As the mural reads in the common area, Floqast keeps their office design “simple, yet significant.” This cloud-based software company has fully embraced an industrial-inspired design while incorporating unique, meaningful details.

Accents include exposed ceilings, a wall of greenery, and a grass-covered theatre, all of which warm up the open-plan modern space.

8. The Honest Company

The Honest Company has done something few companies have successfully accomplished; they’ve made an 84,000 sq. ft. space into something cozy, warm, and cohesive.

Each floor is centered around the natural epicenter of any family home – the kitchen. These oversized kitchens function as the main hub of The Honest Company, playing a role in everything from meetings to after-work social gatherings. Apart from the kitchens, the decor is what we’re calling pseudo-industrial-cozy-chic; with exposed ceilings, modern lights, and pops of warm color, it strikes the perfect balance between startup and traditional corporate environment.

9. Ziprecruiter

We like to think we have the coolest recruiting office in LA (come say hi!), but Ziprecruiter’s 45,000 sq. ft. Santa Monica HQ may have us beat. Take in the views from their rooftop deck or stay cool inside on the game room floor (yes, they have an entire recreational floor). Employees also get to enjoy various wellness areas, yoga and gym classes, as well as a communal dining space with free breakfast three days/week. No picture here! We promise it’s not because we’re sore losers; we just couldn’t find a photo that adequately captured their amazing office.

10. Spokeo

We don’t want to get into the ethics of Spokeo’s intelligent search engine. Regardless of how you feel about the company itself, you have to admit their Pasadena HQ is a pop-culture paradise.

Yes, Spokeo has casual dress, daily free catered lunches, and a full pantry and fridge. But stealing the show are their fantastical conference rooms, each themed to spotlight a different franchise. Their Star Wars room features a wonderful Millennium Falcon mural, while their Game of Thrones room includes a wall-sized map of Westeros and an Iron Throne.


Believe it or not, we actually have another list of 20+ companies doing amazing things with their office space. But attention spans only run so long, so we’re giving you our top 10 for now – more to come next time!

Do you work at a company with amazing office design? We’d love to feature it! Send us a message to feature your company.

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