Employee Spotlight – Jon Broderick

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2013-10-21 | BY Proven Recruiting's Editorial Team | IN Free Resources

Employee Spotlight – Jon Broderick

At PROVEN, we believe in building relationships with our customers and earning their trust through open communication and results. We want you to feel that your recruiter is not just a placement specialist but a partner – one who will champion your cause and who is there with you every step of the way. Put simply, our goal at PROVEN is to help ensure you are placed in a position that will be emotionally, intellectually, and professionally satisfying. We do this through the help of our professional recruiters. Jon Broderick is one of those individuals.


Get to know Jon

Jon Broderick is an associate partner at PROVEN, Inc. With former experience as a sales representative at Verizon and AT&T, he prefers work environments that reward him for his hard work – and not simply for showing up. In his role as an associate partner and recruiter at PROVEN, he sees a direct correlation between the effort he puts in and the results he secures for his clients. Jon is never content to rest on his laurels and approaches every one of his clients’ job searches with vigor.


A unique recruiting style

When it comes to securing jobs for his clients, Jon takes a conversational, partnership-like approach. He doesn’t follow your typical script; he has his own methods that most recruiters would consider unorthodox. He loves to get to know each one of his candidates personally; by making it his goal is to understand what truly makes them tick. He understands that your resume is a vital component of your job search but will never feel beholden to or weighed down by it. If he feels that your experiences and qualifications make you well-suited for a job not traditionally considered part of your industry, he’ll explore that avenue – and he’ll do his best to urge you to consider the bigger and better opportunities! Jon believes in placing his candidates in positions that will fulfill them; to achieve this goal, he always puts people first, not the jobs.


The challenge – and the reward – of recruiting

What Jon finds particularly appealing about working for PROVEN is the opportunities it has presented him. Not only is he able to place individuals into jobs that have the potential to change their lives for the better, but he’s found the job itself satisfying. As an associate partner and recruiter, he’s been able to work with billion-dollar global companies, including eBay, Google, and Apple. Through this process, he has gained invaluable insight and knowledge on the inner workings of these businesses – something which allows Jon to place the right individuals in the right positions.


Why he works for PROVEN

When it comes to job placement agencies, there are multiple options available – this is true both for recruiters and individuals seeking employment. Jon chooses to work at PROVEN because he is inspired by the company process and philosophy; he enjoys the collaborative work environment, fast-paced and driven atmosphere, and his co-workers. He is also driven by the start-up mentality. As a fast-growing company, PROVEN is still very much the product of the employees that make up its foundation, and Jon enjoys being a part of that foundation.


When he’s away, Jon enjoys…

Put simply, everyone loves what they do at PROVEN. There is no work-life balance with our employees, because they don’t feel the need to separate their work lives from their home lives. That being said, everyone enjoys a breather once in a while! Jon recently took a summer off to go spear fishing with friends, soaking up the sun and water. He also does quite a bit of hiking with his dog, who he raised from pup!

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